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Buy. Contribute. Repeat.

The GV Wardrobe is a second-hand online store, inspired by the clothing-swap concept. We aim to combine a love of fashion with a local solution to the clothing waste crisis.  Browse and shop like any online store, and we will lovingly package and deliver your new items. Then you can return the items and get a $2 coupon for each, and the pieces are put back into the wardrobe ready to be loved all over again.  


All of our items are a flat rate of $10 so that you can enjoy the experience of buying 'new' at an affordable price, and also will feel good about donating it back to the wardrobe when you are ready.  

From our wardrobe to yours – together we can enjoy beautiful clothes, and reduce our impact on the planet.  


Shop the Wardrobe Anchor

The GV Wardrobe believes that every item it sells should leave our little shop for the same price of $10 to our amazing community of savvy sustainable shoppers, who believe in reducing their impact on the planet.

So the beautiful concept of every item being just $10 keeps our values true to our GV heart, that sustainability and looking good, doesn't have to cost you a fortune.

Browse our beautiful online store and purchase your 'new’ items.

They will arrive in your mailbox lovingly (and sustainably) packaged, ready for you to wear and love. 


When you are done with an item (whether it is a day, month or year later) you can contribute it back to the wardrobe!

And we will give you a $2 coupon for each item as a thankyou.  

We will try to find a new home for every one of your pieces, and you can use your Thankyou Coupon to treat yourself to your own 'new' pieces!


Then you repeat the cycle. You can spend your coupon, continue to contribute and to buy great condition items, and to be a part of The GV Wardrobe community.  

The GV Wardrobe is a local solution to creating a more circular economy, and at the same time brings together a community who want to enjoy fashion while lessening our impact on the planet.  

Find us. On the Gram.

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